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Pam Tobias, Web Manager for Abrams Learning Trends

"Abrams Learning Trends chose Cuesta Technologies to redesign our company's website based on their years of experience in the educational publishing arena. "

Jill Mulholland, Web Manager for Triumph Learning

"It's incredible how quickly and within budget Cuesta Technologies was able to convert our hopes and dreams into a powerful Web application that enables us to operate without an expensive programmer. We couldn't be more delighted with the outcome."

Randi Machado, Marketing Director for MONDO Publishing

"It was extremely important for us to seek out Cuesta Technologies, the time-honored experts in e-commerce and Web site development for our market."

Brad Scharf of Remedia Publications

"Cuesta helped us to reach our goal of building a user friendly and reliable website.  We've learned over the years that when you build a website, you need a developer that works with you as a partner.  We know we have that with Cuesta. It's been a great experience."

Liz Hinkle, Executive Director of Sister Schools of San Diego

"All our previous attempts at keeping our Web site up to date failed. Cuesta has taught us how to 'fish'. Their built-in content management system was easy enough for a part-time volunteer to learn in an afternoon."

Paul Thomas, General Manager, Discovery.com

"Cuesta is definitely a premium developer in terms of responsiveness, delivery, and meeting our needs--but not, thankfully, in price. I also commend you for having taken the time to really understand our business and objectives, and tailoring a solution to match. I would strongly recommend Cuesta for e-commerce development projects."

Dr. John Ousterhout, Stanford University Professor

"Cuesta's Toolkit combines the flexibility and easy learning curve of the Tcl scripting language with other Web development languages such as HTML and Java. The result is an ingenious system that allows highly interactive, complex Web sites to be constructed amazingly quickly."

Reesa Marchetti, Editor and Web Manager, The Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress)

"We're a non-profit organization, and when it was time to renovate our Web site, we had no budget to hire a developer. So I followed many of the recommendations that Matthew Kanuck made in his presentation at our June conference. I also used the advice on the Cuesta Web site, and now people tell us how much better our site looks -- and how much easier it is to navigate. Thanks, Matt!"

Jim Abdo, Publisher, Abdo Publishing

"We are extremely enthusiastic about our new Web presence. "Cuesta is without a doubt the leader in Web design and development for our market. Their understanding of our customer, combined with their programming and design expertise, allowed us to proceed full speed ahead meeting all deadlines and budget constraints."


Rachel Graham-Burner, Director of Online Marketing for National Geographic Books

"We chose to work with Cuesta because of their unique understanding of how schools and libraries make purchase decisions. Two websites and six years later, we continue to be very pleased with their level of client service."

Dr. Aaron Willis, Chief Education Officer of Social Studies School Service

"We've been working with the Cuesta team for more than a decade and they have always been responsive and professional. We really feel that they are working with us to find the best possible solutions for helping our customers"

Corinne Castano, Web Marketing Manager for Newbridge Educational Publishers and Sundance Publishing

"Cuesta helped us understand what was important, what made the most sense in terms of user-friendliness, and how to accomplish what we wanted while keeping an eye on our budget constraints. Cuesta has become a valued partner in our Web design, development and marketing efforts."

Tania Pickrell, Marketing Manager for Creative Teaching Press

"We are delighted to say that we hit the ground running with Cuesta. On the first day of operation, our new Web site received many more orders than we anticipated."

Sandra Slater, Director of Technology Marketing, Harcourt Supplemental Publishers

"Thank you for your undying support, positive attitudes and "true grit" while working on the new Rigby Education Online catalog. Cuesta supports our Web group with such grace and class, it's a pleasure doing business with you."

Tina Pronier, Marketing Manager, Pacific Learning

"There's good reason for Cuesta's popularity and outstanding reputation--not only did they present us with truly interactive design options, but they also anticipated our every need with regard to how to best present our company and its wide range of products and services on the Internet."

Kathleen Boutte, Advisory Systems Engineer for San Mateo County

"Although we received many impressive responses to our RFP, Cuesta demonstrated their understanding of our vision and their ability to create distinctly unique and professional designs, along with meeting our high expectations, time line and budget."

Dr. Deborah Wood, Director of Healthy Kids Resource Center

"Cuesta's ability to understand our business and client requirements as well as to web enable our highly complex database is a remarkable achievement. We never expected the implementation to be so painless and bug-free."

Tino Banuelos of Healthy Kids Resource Center

"Web-N-Able makes me look like an experienced webmaster. The system was so easy to learn to use--I recommend it highly to any manager responsible for web site maintenance."



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