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Provide Easy Access to User Owned Digital Materials

In addition to selling physical products, your Cuesta-built Web site can allow visitors to purchase digital products and services.

Cuesta’s Digital Assets Management Module Can Handle a Variety of Formats including:

  • Streaming video
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Archives
  • E-Books
  • PDFs

Digital products can be hosted on your Web site server.  Because they are part of the online catalog, users can find digital products using the online catalog's search and browse mechanisms.  Users order digital products via the shopping cart, just as they do when ordering physical products.  Digital and physical products can be combined and purchased together in the same shopping cart and are available to the customer immediately upon submission of their order.

Users who purchase digital assets or subscriptions will have access to an area on the site call “My Content” where they can organize their digital/subscription orders for easy viewing.

The Digital Assets Management system allows our clients to manage all aspects of the digital products and customer accounts. 

The system can also allow users to purchase electronic books in a number of proprietary formats from other Web sites.  The user will be redirected to the host site to complete the purchase.  Formats can include:

  • Apple iBooks and other items available only from iTunes
  • Kindle Books
  • Barnes and Noble Nook Books
  • Google Books

Subscription Services

The Digital Assets Subscription system allows our clients to sell access to products and services on as a “free” or “fee-based” subscription.  The client can set the pricing and start/end date for each type of subscription.  The system will automatically notify customers who have subscriptions nearing their expiration date, giving them instructions for renewing subscriptions before they expire. Subscriptions can optionally be set to “never expire”

The Digital Assets Management system includes a back-end Content Management System that lets Web site administrators manage users’ media and subscriptions.  Administrators can extend subscription dates, terminate subscriptions, and add digital assets to the users’ accounts.


The system provides Web site activity reporting that includes such information as:

  • Top Media files viewed/downloaded
  • Media files viewed/downloaded by Media Type
  • Media files purchased
  • Clicks to digital products on other Web sites


Call Cuesta today at 1-877-255-9085 to discuss how we can help you deliver and manage your digital content.

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