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The Cuesta Online Catalog System

The Cuesta Catalog System is a Web database application created with OpenPages that provides the most comprehensive system for deploying online catalogs on the market today. The OpenPages Catalog System provides:

  • flexible search technology, built from the ground up for fast Internet performance, with powerful category, browse, refine, and full-text search;
  • navigational elements common to personal computer applications;
  • visitor activity tracking and reporting, including products visited, order summary, visitor search preferences, and many other reporting details;
  • user registration and demographic reporting;
  • secure order processing;
  • ease of maintenance and remote updating of data as often as desired;
  • transmission of orders to a desired fulfillment location via encrypted e-mail


Open Pages and FileMaker

The Cuesta Catalog system uses the OpenPages Data "Bus" -- a flexible, extensible, modular data interchange mechanism that allows data from any source -- database programs (such as Oracle, FileMaker Pro or Microsoft Access) spreadsheet applications, text files, etc. -- to be used and incorporated into the Web site. This feature makes it easy for Cuesta catalogs to work with virtually any legacy data the company may have.

Sample Add-on components to the Cuesta catalog system include:

1. User Registration module with e-mail broadcast notification

  • Provides the company with the ability to send electronic mail to registered users announcing new products, specials, events, newsletters, etc.
  • Company representatives can send electronic notices to the entire user list or to a selected subset based on general user database characteristics.
  • Users can edit their profiles, save shopping carts, request information on user specified products/services.

2. Affiliate module

  • Allows the host catalog to be "published" to other Web sites.
  • Tracks products ordered by affiliate-referred visitors so that the host company can give the affiliate a commission on product sales, if desired.
  • When visitors enter the host catalog from the affiliate site, the affiliate site look and feel can be maintained in the host catalog.

3.  Dynamic Search Results Table

  • Users can view product search results lists as a table enabling easy comparison of products across different categories.
  • Users can modify the table and re-sort the table headings.

4.  E-coupons

  • Provides the client with an easy-to-use Admin module to offer discounts, free shipping, free products based on a coupon code.
  • Client sets up rules for the coupons, including length of offer, percentage discount, type of offer.
  • Multiple coupons can exisit at the same time.

5.  Quick order from a paper catalog

  • Allows users to type in a product code and quantity to order a product without having to search for the product.
  • Product description and price is looked up and fills the form automatically based on the product code entered

6.  Quote request module

  • Allows users to fill out a form or a shopping cart to send to the vendor for a bid.

7.  Library processing services form

  • During the check-out process, the user can elect to fill out a form in order to indicate requirements for library processing services. Eg: card kits, bar-code information and data disks.
  • Information included in the form will be the same as the information the client currently collects from such orders.
  • The form will calculate Library Processing fees based on rules specified by the client.
  • The form includes ‘intelligent’ rules that prevent the user from making an invalid combination of choices.

8.  Real-time credit card processing

  • Cuesta will set up the client with the Payflow Pro system from Verisign (same company that provides the secure server certificate).
  • This system allows Cuesta to run a software module that communicates via a secure network connection to the Verisign credit card gateway system, which in turn communicates with one of the major payment processor networks.
  • Requires a merchant account with a bank that is supported by one of many payment processors.

9.  Orders transmitted to client via EDI file transfer

  • Orders placed at the Web site will be formatted per the client's order processing vendor specifications.
  • Orders will be placed in a text file on the server. Files may be retrieved via FTP at a frequency to be arranged.
  • The client, or its order processing vendor, will assume all responsibility for importing orders into its order processing system.
  • Requires a valid e-mail address from the customer.  Bounced messages will be redirected to an the client e-mail address.

10.  Automatic tax calculation

  • Tax rates will be maintained via a tax rate table subscription service which is updated monthly.
  • Only customers with billing addresses in the state(s) in which the client has a business presence will be charged tax. Tax may be determined by zip code or county.
  • Customers who provide Tax Exempt IDs will not be charged tax. 
  • Customers in Canada will be charged the 7% GST. 

11.  Special offers module

  • Allows Publisher to market special packages and offer incentives based on specific products and quantities ordered.
  • Special offers are promotions that are related to specific products, product series or product lines.
  • Publisher sets up Special Offers with the use of an Admin Web page, and by designating products in the database as belonging to a specific offer.
  • Special Offers can have a time limit (start and end dates), and require no coupon code.

12.  Web site clones

  • Allows publisher to develop a single poswer online catalog and re-brand it with different "skins".
  • Save development time and money - a single database can be used across all clone sites.

Other popular catalog options:

  • Format this page for printing
  • PO Builder for sales reps
  • Subscription and subscription renewal services
  • Sales reps finder
  • Book reviews
  • Correlations integration (full and partial)
  • User integration with MDR or other list database service provider

What companies like about Cuesta's Web Catalog Database System:

  • They don't have to alter their 'way' of doing business, managing their data, processing orders, etc. The Cuesta system adapts to their system.
  • A virtual firewall exists between the Web data and the data in their office; individuals on the Internet do not have direct access to their data in their office. Corporate data is 100% secure.
  • It doesn't require an expensive database -- saves 10's of thousands of dollars.
  • The "control point" for their data remains where it is -- in their office.
  • They can update and change the data any time they wish, without paying each time, or requiring a programmer to make the change.
  • They get very detailed reports of visitor activity at the site.
  • It's FAST! - The online database is designed for Web performance; it doesn't require additional steps or overhead to query the data.
  • Quick development time.
  • Allows them to concentrate on their company business; does not force them into the Web development business.

The typical customer of a Cuesta catalog has the following profile:

  • They have a printed catalog or resource guide with hundreds or thousands of products.
  • They need a large Web site -- several sections with many pages in each section.
  • Their products are typically shipped from a warehouse or order fulfillment center.
  • They need to update their catalog data when ever they want to, from any computer on the Internet.
  • They want their Web site to complement and enhance their business model instead of forcing them to change the way they work.
  • They don't want the cost, hassle or responsibility of setting up or hosting the site.
  • They want the option to use Cuesta's design team, design the site themselves or hire a third party to design it.
  • They want to concentrate on the design and content of the site and don't want to worry about technical aspects such as creating navigational menus or maintaining the software that "runs" the site.
  • They want to be able to add features over time, in a phased implementation or on an as-needed basis.
  • They have a budget of $20,000 and up for the project plus ongoing hosting and maintenance fees.
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