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open system architectureCuesta's OpenPages™ Web Site Technology

Cuesta’s unique "OpenPages Toolkit" allows us to quickly construct complex, interactive Web sites. "OpenPages" uses open systems and component architecture to construct e-commerce and business Web site solutions. "OpenPages" is a UNIX-based rapid application development environment that creates cookie-free, dynamically generated Web applications with database extensions. All solutions are independent of vendor-proprietary applications.

dynamically generated pagesNo Cookies!!

The Cuesta Web development system uses state-maintenance programming (without cookies), programmable, dynamically-generated Web pages with database extensions, a Web page component architecture, sophisticated forms technology, very detailed visitor tracking, a super-fast database search engine, and secure transaction processing. Want to know more about cookies? Here's what eHow and Cookie Central have to say about cookies.

UNIX Our Solution

Unlike competitors' products, OpenPages provides a comprehensive, integrated solution to the problem of creating commercial Web sites. Because it uses an Open Systems approach based upon industry-standard high level programming languages and widely-adopted technologies, OpenPages is not subject to the limitations of vendor-proprietary applications.

rapid application development Acclaim for OpenPages™

"Cuesta's OpenPages combines the flexibility and easy learning curve of the Tcl scripting language with other Web development languages such as HTML and Java. The result is an ingenious system that allows highly interactive, complex Web sites to be constructed amazingly quickly."

- Dr. John Ousterhout, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems


OpenPages™ was created to achieve the following technical and design goals:
Ease of development without the hassles of creating, maintaining and updating CGI code
Dynamically-generated Web pages
State maintenance programmability
Web site organization and intelligent navigation
Separation of code, data, interface
Easy-to-construct, intelligent forms for data input and automatic processing of forms data
Database integration, not just "connectivity"
Anonymous visitor activity tracking
User registration and demographic reporting
Secure order processing
Ease of maintenance and updating
Truly re-usable code
Incorporate industry-standard technologies, system resources such as encrypted e-mail, Java etc.
Web site construction in the hands of designers - not programmers
Rapid application development, prototyping, testing and deployment


OpenPages™avoids (or minimizes) the negative effect of the following:
Pain and performance degradation of CGI programming
Limitations of third party tools
Programming in C, C++, Java
Expense and overhead of general-purpose database engines
Use of "cookies"
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