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FileMaker on Unix

Cuesta's unique system is capable of deploying FileMaker Pro databases on a UNIX Web server, and provides the fastest database search on the Internet today.
The Cuesta FileMaker-UNIX System

Cuesta's FileMaker Pro UNIX Web Connectivity Service is the ideal choice for FileMaker Pro users who want a high-performance solution for publishing their databases on the Web. Unlike existing approaches, which require running the FileMaker Pro application on a Mac or Windows server (a potential drain on the server's resources), the Cuesta approach uses only the data on the server. The solution includes the complete setup and configuration of your database-driven Web site, an easy-to-use method for updating the Web database from FileMaker as often as desired, and Web hosting.

"As the second best selling Windows and Mac database program in the world, FileMaker Pro is probably one of the most widely used databases used on the Web. We're excited about Cuesta's solution because many FileMaker users have been anxiously awaiting just this kind of Web connectivity for their databases." -- Tony Campitelli, Product Manager, Database Products, FileMaker, Inc.

Our clients selected the Cuesta system for their Web based catalog solutions not only for its performance and flexibility, but also because our system allows content managers to continue to use FileMaker Pro on their Mac or Windows PCs to keep their databases up-to-date in the same way they do for their print and/or CD-ROM catalogs.

Kelly Caldwell, advertising project manager for Steck-Vaughn Company recalls, "We had been using FileMaker Pro internally for a long time and our Web site was already running on a UNIX server. Discovering that we could continue using FileMaker Pro for our new online catalog, implement it on the UNIX server and leverage the training and personnel we had in place, meant that we could save an enormous amount of time and money."

Cuesta-built Web Sites and Catalogs using FileMaker Pro Data
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