Web Publishing Tools for Easy Web Site Administration: Web-N-Able
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Web Publishing Tools for Easy Web Site Administration: Web-N-Able

Manage your Web site content with ease!

Web-N-Able™ is a remote content management and Web publishing tool that ensures easy Web site administration and intuitive site navigation. Its real-time Web management capability gives you control over your Web pages, sections, menus and more. Web-N-Able™ allows non-technical staff to add, delete, and maintain content on sites without programming help. There's no software to download and it's independent of vendor-proprietary applications.

Real-Time Web Publishing and Content Management

Give your site the 2-click test! If you discover that it takes more than 2 clicks to get from a page on your web site to any other page on your web site, your site has failed the 2-click test.

To guarantee your web site's intuitive navigation, and to give you total control over the management of your web content, you need Web-N-Able™. Once the graphical look of your site is defined and Cuesta sets up a few web page templates, control of the site can be turned over to non-technical staff for adding and maintaining content.

Easy-to-use web interface allows you to manage your pages, sections, menus and more.

    The typical customer of Cuesta's Web-N-Able™ system has the following profile:

  • They need a medium to large sized Web site composed of several sections with several pages in each section.
  • They may have a few products to promote, but don't need or want the expense of a searchable database.
  • They don't want the cost, hassle or responsibility of setting up or hosting the site.
  • They may want to design the site themselves or hire a third party to design it.
  • They want to concentrate on the design and content of the site and don't want to worry about technical aspects such as creating navigational menus or maintaining the software that "runs" the site.


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