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Custom E-commerce and Online Catalogs

Our database-driven, e-commerce catalogs offer everything you need in one coordinated package: secure online ordering, real-time credit card transaction processing, integration to your order/inventory and CRM systems, customer profile tracking, online security, intelligent user interfaces and sophisticated, smart navigation.

Back-end systems include Web-N-Able content management system, integration with your in-house order processing, and customer transaction and usage reporting.


  • Fast performance
  • Easy to use interface with "smart" navigational buttons
  • Exclusive Web-database design easily handles thousands of products
  • Product data can originate in FileMaker, Access, Oracle, your legacy database or current catalog management software; can be easily updated via Web or ftp.
  • Searching by multiple search criteria (keyword and/or other variables)
  • Automated online order processing
  • Customized Web pages based on user action or profile
  • Elegant state maintenance personalizes the user experience
  • Anonymous visitor tracking - no intrusive cookies!
  • Detailed Web site reports help you understand what your customers want
  • E-coupon promotions, ability to create special offers, highlight "new" or "seasonal" products
  • Library processing
  • User registration with broad-cast e-mail feature, account management, ability to save shopping carts
  • Wish lists, e-mail a shopping cart or list of products to a friend (or purchasing agent)
  • Common core and/or state correlations integration
  • Digital assets management
  • Online security with order encryption

Visit our Web Catalog Clients to see Cuesta catalog features live on the WWW.


customizable online catalogs Superior Online Performance

Cuesta-built online catalogs are fine-tuned for optimal performance on the Web. Catalog pages are dynamically generated, allowing them to handle thousands of products quickly and easily. Each page is designed to feature product-specific components, including specifications, pictures, descriptions and ordering information. In addition, our unique system allows for easy maintenance and updating of the catalog by your non-technical staff as often as you wish.

business web sites Intelligent User-Interface Design

Every online catalog Cuesta builds is designed by specialists in computer-human interface design and includes an attractive, easy-to-use navigational features so your customers can quickly find their way around your online catalog. Users can see products with specific features or simply browse the entire catalog at their leisure. Your customers will enjoy using our unique "shopping cart" features that allow them to keep track of products they are considering for purchase as they browse the catalog. Shopping cart contents can be saved from visit to visit.

customizable online catalogs Security

Cuesta online catalogs are secure. Your catalog will be hosted on a high end Sun secure server and every order is encrypted before it is transmitted to your order processing and fulfillment system. Additional steps are taken to protect your customers' personal information from would-be "hackers."

Search Engine Positioning Search Engine Optimization and Meta-tagging

We're not done building your successful online catalog until we guide you in the art of site optimization. Cuesta's Web marketing experts help you plan and implement winning key words and phrases that will push your Web site to the top of the Search Engine's results lists. We'll also help you look at inbound and outbound links and research which Directories and Lists are "out there" that should know about your Web site. For those with bigger marketing budgets, we'll hook you up with experienced marketing specialists in your industry who understand on-line and off-line marketing opportunities and will present you with a custom marketing plan to meet your needs.  We're staying abreast with what will need to be done to comply with LRMI standards and placement into the Learning Registry.

business web sites Customer Profile Tracking/Weekly Site Reports

The Cuesta Catalog System automatically tracks visitor traffic and records user preferences and profiles which can be used to personalize the visitor's experience with customer-specific product specials, announcements or targeted mailing lists. Detailed weekly reports provide you with important statistics that can help you understand your online visitor and hone your traditional and on-line marketing plan. Reports of visitor activity at the site typically include the following:

  • Number of visitor sessions
  • Visits to specific pages of the site
  • Total number of pages visited
  • Top pages visited
  • Last pages visited ("exit" pages)
  • Average time of visit
  • Total time spent visiting the site
  • Percentage of Visits by Platform (Mac, Windows, UNIX, etc.)
  • Percentage of Visits by Browser (Netscape, Microsoft IE, AOL, etc.)
  • Visits by Web Site URL
  • Visits by Domain Name
  • Visitor searching and browsing patterns
  • Top products visited
  • Order summary, top products ordered
  • Link tracking out of your site to proprietary ordering platforms such as iTunes, and

business web sites Automated Ordering

A completed order form is automatically generated for the user and can be electronically transmitted for order processing at the touch of a button. The visitor registration system makes purchasing convenient for repeat shoppers.

Let us help you capitalize on the world of online commerce. We'll show you how you can increase profits and make money while you sleep.

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