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Cuesta Technologies Announces a Low-Cost Solution for Selling Educational Materials Online.

Online Teacher Store

October 29, 2001

Education resellers world-wide can now benefit from a new turnkey Online Teacher Store (OTS) program that enables them to license a customized version of a sophisticated online teacher store. This robust turnkey solution includes an advanced e-commerce package and is available at a fraction of the cost it normally takes to deploy such a service.

Each new OTS is based on technology developed for, the online teacher store owned and operated by Cuesta Technologies. Resellers choose from a variety of set-up options, features and functions enabling them to own and operate a custom version of an award-winning Web store.

Cuesta developed the new OTS program to help education resellers take advantange of the latest data from a Nielsen/NetRatings and Harris Interactive study that revealed while retail sales worldwide have taken a hit, e-commerce sales grew 54% in September, compared with a year earlier. Nielsen/NetRatings predicts online shoppers will spend $9.9 billion during the upcoming holiday season, up 43% from $6.9 billion last year.

"The system is extremely easy-to-use and flexible," says Laurie Swiryn, VP of Education Markets for Cuesta Technologies. "The first OTS went live a few weeks ago for a California-based reseller. The site is already receiving rave reviews from their existing customers who were begging the reseller to venture out onto the World Wide Web."

Unlike other turnkey programs that are currently available to education resellers, OTS owners are not charged transaction fees for online orders. Furthermore, the OTS operators can choose to do their own fulfillment or they can elect to use Cuesta's fulfillment partner. Other features that set the new OTS program apart from its predecessors enable the OTS operator to receive requests for quotations and purchase orders online; remain in total control of the product mix, pricing and special promotions offered on the Web site; and to offer their visitors an "opt-in" e-newsletter.

"The OTS program was designed to fill the niche market of those teacher supply stores, publishers, manufacturers, independent educators and at-home business operators across the country and around the world that find it difficult to compete with the 'big guys.' In order to succeed in today's market, resellers must extend their services to include 24/7 operations and provide sophisticated product searching and ordering online. With our OTS program, a reseller can make a substantially smaller investment, come to market more quickly and face fewer risks than are normally associated with setting up such a Web enterprise," says Swiryn.

Those interested in learning more about how to become a OTS owner/operator should contact Laurie Swiryn, VP of Education Markets at Cuesta Technologies.

About Cuesta Technologies
Since 1995, Cuesta Technologies has specialized in engineering sophisticated, mission-and image-critical commercial Web sites for companies with large corporate databases whose Web requirements include speed of performance over the Internet, rapid time to market and superior content management. Cuesta has served a long list of distinguished clients including Harcourt Inc., Sun Microsystems, Ray & Berndtson Inc., and Discovery Communications. For more information on Cuesta's Web technologies, including its "No Cookies!" technology and "2-click Navigation", visit us on the Web, or call 1-877-255-9085.
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