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Affiliates and Clones

Once you have a viable online store, you may want to consider setting up an Affiliate Marketing Program. Think of affiliates as marketing partners who are looking to earn revenue from their traffic by sending new visitors to you who might otherwise not have found your online store. In exchange for sending you this additional traffic, the affiliate will usually collect a commission on leads or sales that result from the online or off-line traffic originated by the affiliate partner.

There are many ways to set up affiliates, new doors into your Web site or store. The options Cuesta provides you offer a sure-fire way to track visitor activity within your online store. Once your program is established, you'll be able to deploy one, two or many affiliate keys and multiply your sales exponentially!

An interesting twist on the concept of affiliate marketing is the concept of Web Site Cloning. The simplest form of a Web Site Clone is the Internal Clone--a new "look" for your existing Web site with an emphasis on subset of products that are of interest to a specific market.

Cuesta's External Clone technology will be implemented for you if you have identified a marketing partner that does not have an e-commerce site and wishes to offer your products to his or her visitors without losing his/her identity.

Call Cuesta today to learn how we can combine various aspects of traditional affilate programs with a clone of your Cuesta-built Web site to increase revenue, reduce costs and recover expenses.


How Affiliates Work:
  1. Host has existing, fully functional e-commerce site.
  2. Database includes Affiliate products.
  3. Affiliate provides link to Host site.
  4. Affiliate site is independent, no e-commerce.
  5. Visitor enters Host site via Affiliate link.
  6. Host tracks origin of customer.
  7. Visitor can find/order Affiliate and Host products.
  8. Parties share profits on sale of Affiliate products and on orders originated by Affiliate.
Why Affiliates Work:
  • Mutually beneficial
  • Eliminates cost of e-commerce site development
  • Dramatically reduces cost of Affiliate site
  • Expands product line
  • Enhances cross selling
  • Bolsters customer base
  • Orders can be parsed for efficient fulfillment
  • One shipment versus many
  • Branding via invoices and packing slips
Good Affilate Host Candidates:
  • Seek growth
    • Broader customer base
    • Increased sales volume
    • Wider product line
  • Desire to decrease the effect of competition
    • Lose fewer customers
    • Earn commission on Affiliate sales
Good Affiliate Candidates:
  • No existing site or site has no/weak e-commerce facility
  • Desire fully functional e-commerce facility
  • Lack e-commerce development budget

Call Cuesta today at 1-877-255-9085 to see more examples of our Affiliate Store Module.


How Clones Work:
  1. Host has existing, fully functional e-commerce site
  2. Database includes Clone products.
  3. Clone obtains own domain (eg.
  4. Visitor enters Clone site via Clone site address (URL).
  5. Unique Clone facade and content pages.
  6. Only Clone products can be found/ordered.
  7. Orders are directed to Clone fulfillment center.
Why Clones Work:
  • Mutually beneficial
  • Dramatically reduces development costs for Clone
  • Provides additional revenue stream for Host
  • Improves branding efforts
Good Clone Host Candidates:
  • Distinguish multiple brands or divisions
    • Store fronts
    • Wholesale versus retail
  • Recover development costs
Good Clone Candidates:
  • Publisher with multiple catalogs and/or brands
  • Desire to promote a different look to a variety of audiences
  • Limited e-commerce (re)development budget

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