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OpenPages Work-Flow Process

OpenPages supports a sophisticated work-flow process that includes development testing, remote updating and production release mechanisms, making it an ideal collaborative, rapid application development environment for a team of artists, designers, copy writers, HTML coders, and programmers to quickly build complex Web sites.

OpenPages allows our clients to leverage their investments in existing languages and tools, and at the same time provides them with an ideal platform upon which to incorporate new technologies such as Java in their Web sites. OpenPages puts control of the design of the Web site in the hands of designers, not programmers. It lets the content developers stitch together reusable components written in any language or created with any third-party tool.

OpenPages provides an ideal migration path to Java programming because it is a server-side programmable Web page environment in which developers write state-oriented, structured code using a full programming language. It actually fosters the style of programming and problem-solving approach that Web developers will need when they migrate to Java, although it does not require abandonment of the HTML and CGI model. Companies can therefore leverage their investment in these current technologies as they gradually adopt new ones.

OpenPages frees our developers from the limitations of HTML and the pain of creating and managing CGI scripts or application-specific approaches by making it easy for them to apply the tools and capabilities of the software development industry to their Web building efforts.

This chart shows how OpenPages fills the gap between HTML and CGI, and provides a migration path to Java programming.

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