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SmartSpeller™: Spell-Checking Toolkit for Programmers
What Is SmartSpeller™?

SmartSpeller™ is designed for students and teachers: It recognizes commonly misspelled words and allows the creation and selection of additional dictionaries that students can use, such as a dictionary for each subject. SmartSpeller™ recognizes several "classes" of misspellings, including transposed, missing or added characters, and phonetic substitutions.

Who Can Use SmartSpeller™?

SmartSpeller™ is used by software developers or publishers, especially those with applications targeted for the school and home markets. If you are developing an application in which you would like to include spell checking features, SmartSpeller™ makes it easy to do so.

SmartSpeller™ Technology

SmartSpeller™ is spell checking technology in the form of a 100,000 word spelling dictionary and code libraries that you include in your own applications. The SmartSpeller™ code libraries perform the spell checking, correct word suggestion, dictionary updating, and other common spell checking features, as well as features unique to SmartSpeller™.

Why Another Spell Checker?

We have designed and built SmartSpeller™ for the unique needs of the educational software industry. We spent over four years working with other third-party spell checking code in the applications we have created for students and teachers. Through this research and development effort we have learned a great deal about what publishers want in a spell checker: ease of implementation, modular code flexibility, low cost royalty-free fees, and the functionality and flexibility of operation that is demanded by users in an educational setting.

Unique Features

A spelling dictionary of over 100,000 words.
This is one of the largest (perhaps the largest) dictionary for personal computer spell checkers today.
A fully-customizable user interface.
SmartSpeller™ places no restrictions on the application's user interface. Use our sample dialog, modify it, or create your own. This feature makes it easy to have a "Preferences" dialog or menu item that lets users change the way SmartSpeller™ operates in the application. For example, you could allow users to decide whether they want SmartSpeller™ to make suggestions automatically or not. Teachers could allow students to add words to a user dictionary or prevent the user dictionary from being edited.
Automatic use of multiple spelling dictionaries.
SmartSpeller™ automatically uses all spelling dictionaries in its "Dictionaries" folder or directory. Users can easily change the dictionaries that SmartSpeller™ uses just by adding or removing SmartSpeller™ dictionaries to or from the "Dictionaries" folder or directory.
Create and use additional user dictionaries.
Students can work with (and even create their own) custom spelling dictionaries, such as a social studies dictionary, a science dictionary, etc.
Record words used from the dictionary.
This feature allows students to keep a list of misspelled words from their own writing that can be printed or saved as a separate file -- a personal spelling list.

SmartSpeller™ recognizes various "classes" of misspellings.

Transposed Characters.
For example, SmartSpeller™ will suggest transposed for tarnsposed.
Missing Characters.
For example, SmartSpeller™ will suggest incorrect for incorect.
Added Characters.
For example, SmartSpeller™ will suggest characters for characaters.
Mis-keyed Characters (phonetic substitution).
For example, SmartSpeller™ will suggest characters for charakters.


Macintosh code libraries are provided in MPW, Think C, and MetroWerks. Windows code libraries are provided for Microsoft Visual C
Successfully tested on Power Macintosh in "native mode"
Works in Macintosh System 6 or System 7
Programmer's guide, including source code for a sample application that implements SmartSpeller™
Free technical support via electronic mail
Free upgrades as they become available
Modifications and enhancements made to order

SmartSpeller™ Licensing

The cost structure for a SmartSpeller™ license is an initial flat fee and an annual renewal charge. The actual amount is roughly based on the expected sales volume of your product, however, there are no royalty fees. The license includes unlimited technical support via electronic mail for one contact person at your company location, and all upgrades and maintenance enhancements as they are released. We will be happy to discuss actual cost figures for your intended use. SmartSpeller™ is copyrighted by Professional Systems Int'l, a sister company of Cuesta Technologies. Please contact Cuesta for a demonstration version of SmartSpeller™ and the SmartSpeller™ Technical Overview.

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