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Is Cuesta Right for You?

If any of these statements sound familiar, you'll be happy you found Cuesta. We have a solution that's right for you.


  • "Our Web team does not seem to understand the Education Market We need to find the most experienced Web developer for our market."

  • "We have a complex product line with multiple SKUs that are grouped into Families/Series, and our online database does not do justice to our products. We need a Web developer with database expertise especially as it applies to school publishing."

  • "Our customers need a way to manage the ebooks, iBooks, and other digital assets they purchase from us, but they can't do that on our Web site. We need Web site that is flexible and can grow with our needs. The Web developer we require should be able to help us keep up with the ever changing publishing market."

  • "Our Web site is out of date but we can't make the kinds of changes we need to make in house. We need an experienced Web team who will partner with us for years to come, someone whose business model is to provide Web services on an on-going basis while giving us the tools and technology to do the easy stuff."

  • "We need an e-commerce web site that can handle digital and traditional books, work with our existing inventory and order systems and our social networking effortsbut we don't want to invest in a system that hasn't been proven to increase sales."

  • "We need a (new) Web site. We've been talking to other developers and we need another quote."

  • "We need a Web site that we can modify and add to at any time without having to learn how to use some fancy software or resorting to hiring a programmer."

  • "We have a huge number of products that we want to put on our Web site, and we want to make it easy for our customers to find products they're interested in. We also want to be able to change product information easily at any time."

  • "I need a Web partner that has a proven track record. I can't afford to re-engineer my Web site every couple of years. We need a Web parner for the long term, not a developer who moves on once our site has been launched."

  • "We're looking for a Web development partner that will listen to our needs and help us evaluate our options. We know we have options--we just don't know what they are and we're tired of being pressured into solutions that don't fully fit our purpose."

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