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Elegant server-side software from Cuesta Technologies puts FileMaker Pro data on the Web in a UNIX environment. Our technology supports all FileMaker Pro data, online forms, searchable databases, customizable online catalogs and other e-commerce solutions. Use FileMaker Pro to update your UNIX database. For high performance searching on the Web, come to Cuesta Technologies. Our solution is much faster than Web Companion and the others.

FileMaker Pro How the Cuesta FileMaker to UNIX System Works

UNIX server side software

The main components of the Cuesta system that allow a FileMaker database to be put on a Unix-based Web server are:

  1. A Unix-based program, called "DBMerge," that understands the FileMaker "merge" file format. In practice, once a FileMaker-exported merge file is deposited in a designated directory on the server, DBMerge automatically "grabs" the file and stores it in a native Unix database file format. It also constructs a very complete indexing schema of all the data in the entire database file. The result is a fairly complex data structure that is understood by Cuesta's search architecture. DBMerge can act on an entire database file, or it can accommodate partial updates to the data.

  2. A Web-based program, called "DBFields," that allows the operator to specify certain important information about the particular database including field names and field types -- text, number, binary, etc. Users set up their FileMaker database fields on the Unix server using a simple Web page form. The Cuesta system supports all types of FileMaker fields including:
    • Pop-up, radio button, and text fields
    • Multiple "checkbox" fields
    • Fields with pre-defined values
    • Repeating fields
    • Relational fields

  3. A collection of dynamic HTML files (Web pages with imbedded code) that provide the Web page connectivity and functionality with your FileMaker Pro data. These Web pages provide the mechanism for constructing FileMaker-powered Web sites using the Cuesta system including:
    • Easy to create forms with intelligent data validation
    • Forms that combine flexible category and full-text database search directly on the data
    • Forms that post collected information to the database or that send results via encrypted email
    • Programmed elements such as "smart" navigational button bars
    • Results lists with "next" and "previous" found records
    • Complete database record pages with "auto-dimming" controls for "next" and "previous" item in the results list
    • Creation of a URL to hotlink to any record in the database
    • Web catalog and commerce components such as a "shopping cart" and order page with secure transaction processing
    • Automatic visitor activity tracking (without using "cookies") and reporting, including database items visited, order summary, visitor search preferences, and many other reporting details
    • User registration with selective email broadcasting and demographic reporting

  4. A single "server side" (CGI) program that is the heart of the Cuesta system. This program's primary role is to provide the Web page scripting, search engine, and database access features that allow Web pages to work with the FileMaker data.
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