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Quick Answers to Questions About Add-A-Form™

More About Add-A-Form™

Q: What types of questions can I ask in my form?
A: Add-A-Form™ supports a wide range of questions, including those with checkboxes, radio buttons, pop-up menus, and text input boxes. See an example of each in our demo.

Q: What if I want to make sure people answer certain questions?
A: You can specify whether or not any given question requires a response.

Q: What if I want to create a test and automatically check the results?
A: Contact us. We'll help you set up tests with automatic grading for a minimal charge.

Q: How do I get the results from my form or survey?
A: We'll automatically tabulate the results. You can go to the Add-A-Form™ Web site any time, log in, and check the results. For a nominal fee, you can receive survey submissions by e-mail or store the results in a file that you can retrieve and import into popular applications such as MS Excel, MS Access and FileMaker Pro.

Q: How do I put the form I create with Add-A-Form™ on my web site?
A: Simply create your form to your satisfaction, then copy and paste the source code to your own page. (Visit Add-A-Form™ for more details.)

Q: What if I don't want to put the form/survey I create on my Web site?
A: Add-A-Form™ will give you the URL to your new survey so you can simply create a link to the survey. Alternatively, you can direct people to a location on the Add-A-Form™ site where your survey/form can reside or you can paste the URL into an e-mail to let them know how they can access the form/survey.

Q: If I guide users to my survey, how do they get back to my site?
A: You can easily specify a "return to" URL when you create your form or survey.

For more information about Add-A-Form™'s features and benefits, e-mail Cuesta or call Cuesta Technologies today at 1-877-255-9085.
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